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Our tough and rugged Flight Cases provide on the road protection for your valuable equipment. We offer both off the shelf and bespoke flight cases which can be designed and custom built to your exact specification.

Our expert team are on hand to offer you any advice if you require it. Our team offer good honest advice, in order to ensure you end up with the best possible solution, flight case uk taking into account price, size, weight and application.

We are the UK’s leading manufacturer of bespoke flight cases. All of our flight cases are manufactured in our UK factory.

Trifibre custom designed flight cases have been used all over the world to transport and protect some of the most precious items in a wide range of industries, flight cases from diamonds to highly sensitive medical equipment. A handful of companies that we have manufactured cases for include Johnson & Johnson, Samsung, Fender, McLaren and Airbus.
3D Flight Cases
The directors of 3D Flight Cases Ltd are probably the most experienced flight case designers in the world with each having around 30 years in flight case design plus ‘hands on’ experience of how flight cases are used and abused in the hectic life of world touring.

Steve Kane was one of the founder members of Packhorse Flight Cases in the mid-70’s and is the designer of the original ‘double sided’ extrusion used in flight case construction. Some 10 years later Sam Robinson joined Packhorse Cases, http://bestflightcases.co.uk/ spending the following 20 plus years improving on flight case designs and flight case construction methods. After some twenty years Steve left Packhorse Cases to work on live concerts and other large events round the globe before joining Amptown Cases in Germany.

In 2010 Steve and Sam decided to form 3D Cases Ltd to offer more than just flight cases. Today Sam and Steve still enjoying working together after all these years, and as before are involved with their suppliers on further improving flight case designs and flight case construction methods. Their aim, as always, is to design the best flight cases on the planet which, as in the past, other companies try to imitate. And guess what — it’s working!