weed vaporizer

how to use a weed vaporizer

The Volcano Vaporizer has been getting rave reviews since it debuted back in 1997. And for good reason… this unit has all types of cool things to make “smoking” easier, is very quiet, does a killer job of vaporizing, and is built to last forever.
Not to mention that it’s incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is grind up some bud and put it in the filling chamber. Just keep in mind that the Volcano Vaporizer isn’t like using a bong or pipe, so you don’t want to pack it tight. Instead, weed vaporizer let it sit loose so that the heated air can move through it easily.
Next, you want to set the temperature to the level of your choice. The moisture/dryness of your bud and how dense you want the vapor will tell you where to set it. You let it rip by putting the filling chamber on the base and letting the balloon fill up. When you’re comfortable with the density of the vapor, take off the mouth piece and inhale. That’s it… you’re good to go.
You’ll start to feel the bud almost immediately. And the high will be similar to that of regular smoking, without the dry throat and coughing sensation you usually get. Some have said that up to 75% more THC from a hit, but not everybody feels a difference. You can, however, most definitely feel a difference in tar levels and general “smoothness” when you pull.
Another cool thing about the unit is that you can store vapor in the balloon for eight hours before it dissipates. This is extremely convenient when you have to go take care of something (i.e. – the pizza is burning) but don’t want your bud to go to waste. Unlike, say, the smoke in a water bong you’re vapor is going to stay put.
And it’s not noisy when you use it. Some other vaporizers vibrate loudly and are simply not practical for the discreet smoker. Not so with the Volcano Vaporizer…. it’s perfect for smoking on the down low when the situation calls for it.

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