rotary dryer


Rotary Drying Drum Working Principle
Rotary dryers are very widespread type of industrial equipment. They are able to process a wide variety of materials, and can lend a hand in nearly any industry requiring industrial drying solutions. Rotary dryers are most commonly seen in rotary dryer the mineral industry for drying sands, lime & limestone, stones and soil, LECA (expanded clay), different ores, fertilizers, coal, iron sulphate, filter cakes, sewage sludge, etc. Heavy-duty construction with durable components ensures long equipment life and low-maintenance, trouble-free operation. No complex assemblies in rotary dryer drum allows avoiding costs of hiring highly qualified experts.

Application of Rotary Drying Machine
Strommashina Corp. supplies rotary drying machine for industrial drying processing in all of the following areas: Mining & Minerals, Oil & Gas, rod mill Power Generation, Environment & Recycling, Agglomeration, etc.

Some of the most common industries and materials in which rotary dryers are employed include:

Fertilizers (Potash, DAP, MAP, NPK, TSP)
Minerals and Ores (Copper, Iron, etc.)
Aggregates (Limestone, Sand and Gravel)
Industrial Wastes and Sludges
The Reasons to buy Rotary Dryer:
High quality and reliability (decades of smooth operation under the Strommashina brand!)
Low price (smoothly running production allows us to reduce manufacture costs)
Easy to manage and maintain (no complex assemblies in an equipment allows avoiding costs of hiring highly qualified experts)
Reliable equipment at reasonable prices!

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Why Choose Strommashina as Rotary Dryers Supplier?
We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality equipment for mining, metallurgical, road, building, and other industries. We’ve been custom building high quality rotary dryer drums since 1942. Our engineering services excel at developing new equipment and complete plant solution, optimizing existing equipment and production lines, as well as turning process by-products into value added products.
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